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Mystery .75” Gashapon Mini Kitty Enamel Pins

Mystery .75” Gashapon Mini Kitty Enamel Pins

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Receive a cute mini kitty enamel pin! Pin design will be randomized. If you order 3 pins, I will make sure you don’t get duplicates :)

Pins are approximately .75 inch in size and black nickel or copper metal (depending on design) and available in 6 main colors and one ultra rare mystery colorway. Kitty names and rarity levels are are:

☆ White Kitty: Dragon
☆ Black Kitty: Checkers

☆ Grey tabby: Kiwi
☆ Yellow Tabby: Ravioli

☆ Tuxedo: Mochi
☆ Calico: Amy

Ultra Rare:
☆ Surprise: Lucky

Leave me a note with your instagram handle if you’d like to see your roll in my stories!
*Gasha machine not for sale*
*Due to the nature of printing some pins might have minor defects*

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