Sticker Club FAQ

Q: What’s a sticker club?

It’s like a fun sticker subscription! You can get adorable monthly stickers in your mailbox with my sticker club or cute little digital rewards if you join the digi club. Both are exclusive things only available to Club Members! You also receive access to my Secret Shop and monthly 10% off my entire store. Hope you'll join me on this fun adventure.

You can join Right Here


Q: How does it work?

Patreon is a little tricky, so I hope this helps:

Currently we have two tiers to choose from: Digi Tier and Sticker Club. The payment is processed immediately once you join a tier. For the Sticker Club, your rewards will be shipped the first week of the following month that you joined, and shipping is included in the price and available to those living in the United States and Puerto Rico.


Q: How much does it cost, and how will I be charged?

There are three tiers to choose from: Free tier,  Digi tier is $3 monthly and Sticker club is $8 monthly. Once you join you will be charged for that month and again on the first of the following month unless you cancel your subscription first. This is important. If you want to subscribe to a single month set, make sure you cancel your sub before the end of the month so you’re not charged for the next month’s reward as well.


Q. What are the rewards for each tier?

Free tier:

  ❤ Participate in polls

  ❤ See special announcements

  ❤ Learn about product drops early

  ❤ Other behind the scenes content!


Digi tier:

  ❤ All previous rewards

  ❤ 10% Off my Online Shops

  ❤ Monthly Digital Rewards (wallpapers, printables, etc.)

  ❤ Vote for New Designs or Merch

  ❤ Patron-only community

  ❤ Behind-the-scenes content

  ❤ Access to the Secret Shop


 Sticker Club:

  ❤ All previous rewards

  ❤ One exclusive 3" Vinyl Sticker (high quality and waterproof)

  ❤ Additional Special Sticker(s) (varies monthly!)


Q: How do things get shipped?

Make sure to have your address up to date for Sticker Club rewards. All sticker rewards ship out via untracked letter mail the first week of each month. If you join after the first week, your stickers will be shipped out the first week of the following month, and if you decided to stick around (pun intended) you get both month’s rewards together.


Q: How do I get the digi rewards?

Shop discount codes will be messaged to you the first week of every month. Digi rewards are shared on patreon at the beginning of the month and are available for download.